Remote Switches

Remote Ir Switches

Remote Switches Application /Uses: Rooms Particularly at Halls, Bed Rooms, and Kitchens etc. Non-reachable range for small kids or Hidden switch boards. Conference or Auditoriums halls. Can be operated by physically handicapped persons. Hospitals, clinics, Restaurants, shops Automation, Security, Industrial other use.Technical Specification:Remote Controlled Switch In-wall Module 4 Lights and 1 Fan of 5 points can control on/off function of 4 lights or small appliances and regulate speed of 1 fan or brightness of 1 DImmer.


Power Supply: 230 Volts, AC, 50 Hz
Wattage Limit: 1000 Watts per point for incandescent load and 200 Watts per point for Fluorescent Load.

I/R based remote control.
Remote control working range up to 30 Ft.
Inverter compatible.
Power Resumption Status: ON.
Support 0-4 levels of speed / brightness of fan / dimmer.
Use AAA batteries for remote control.